March 15th, 2008

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Hi there, this might sound like a really stupid question, but I'm looking for a tutorial with a PSD wich I downloaded a long time ago. The PSD itself was a Juno screencap, of Juno and Bleaker, and I think they were hugging but I can't actually remember. It involved selective coloring and it was a sort of brownish color. The tutorial itself's main image wasn't the same screencap.

This is an icon I made with the PSD, before my computer crashed and I lost the PSD:

I have a feeling I added a layer. If anyone has any idea of what I'm on about I'd REALLY appreciate it cos I'm totally stuck. Sorry this is so vague but I've spent hours trawling through tutorials and still can't find it :( It wasn't even that long ago that I made the icon!

How do I...

How do I get this look? I really have no idea what it's called but I love it. Its kinda of pop-arty and poster-ish. 
I already asked over on texturize if someone knew what textures were used it the background, but if anyone here knows could they tell me please? =)

Any help is really appriciated!


thanks =)

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I can't find a way to lighten up this picture without completely ruining it. It was taken at a concert from a camera phone, so the quality isn't too fabulous.

If someone could pleasepleaseplease help me with this, I will love you forever!
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colors in graphics...

I'm sure this has been asked half a million times, but for the life of me I can't remember what the solution was. I use PSCS2 and I've noticed a vast difference in the colors of my graphics after I've posted them on the web. When I want to match colors (say make an icon to match my layout), there is a huge difference in the color, even if I've used the exact same hex code that is in my layout. The colors tend to not match and are always about two shades lighter than the orignal color. I save all my graphics as PNG-24 and I use a laptop. Is there anything I can do to fix it so I can match colors without things going lighter than they are supposed to be? And I know you can do something with the settings in PS to fix colors, too, but I can't put my finger on it at the moment. Please help? If something is not clear, I'm more than happy to clarify. :) Thanks in advance.

Stupid Cropping Question

I have what undoubtedly amounts to a very, very stupid question.  But I'm an icononewbie.  Stupidity is my prerogative.

I've a whole collection of massive screencaps which I'd like to turn into icon bases.  Generally, I've gone back through them and cropped the (very general) pieces of the caps I'd like to keep into squares.  I'm seriously into the rule of thirds when it comes to reckoning aesthetically shiny crops, and I only occasionally can site my final icon out of a huge 510x510 icon (usually, I try to focus on a detail or what-not, so a lot of what I originally cropped down gets cut further).

So, what I've started doing is opening a separate, blank 100x100 file; I then drag my, say, 510x510 image into the 100x100 image, resize the layer via transform, and then move the layer around the 100x100 canvas until I find a crop I want to keep. 

Now, my question to all of you veterans is: am I losing any quality by resizing via transform instead of the typical crop-to-what-you-want-then-resize-via Image>>Image Size routine?  I think I see a difference between the two resizing techniques, but that might simply be a personal optical illusion.

I use PS9, if that matters any.