March 16th, 2008


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So when I opened my PSCS2 all my brushes that I loaded were gone, they just magically vanished. The only ones that are there are the ones that come with PS like regular, air brush, star, ext...

I was wondering is there anyway to get them all back and if this is just a screwy thing happening with my PS, or will I have to load them all back?

Thank you in advance.
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Created a tutorial list if anyone wants to see it. It contains both anime/manga and real life tutorials that I've found helpful one way or another.
You can find it here!

I'm not sure if these types of posts are allowed, so please tell me if I need to remove it and I will. :)

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Hey y'all,
I was looking at some icons and stumbled upon this Photobucket lovely icon and wondered how to get the same coloring.

and I have Photoshop CS2 if it helps any.

it looks like selective coloring but I tried and it didn't work too well.
thanks in advance everone!

Beautiful Belle Coloring Help

Hi, I'm new to this community and this is my first time posting here. I feel guilty for my first post being a question, instead of a tutorial, but I really need your help. I use Photoshop CS2. 
I got this icon from some site long time ago and can't remember who made it. I've found it recently while surfing through my folders and I really like the coloring, so I was hoping if anyone could tell me how to get this kind of coloring or a similar one.  

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Can anyone send me some links to good communities or personal journals for paintshop pro tutorials, only. because I see a lot of tutorials are usually photoshop, and a lot can't convert to psp like that... so i'm asking on here - if not allowed I am sorry - delete it.
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I was wondering if anyone here knew of a tutorial on how to make those "[this person] is my homeboy/girl" graphics? I checked the memories and numerous other places but wasn't able to find anything.

Many thanks, guys!