March 21st, 2008

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Hia there,
i was wondering how i can achieve these colorings:

1    2    3

I dont no who made these and i did not find them on a LJ account  so i cannot ask the maker.
 can you please guide me through to some tutorials./

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I'm normally really good at removing certain subjects from their background when I'm going to be resizing it down to a small sized image, like for an icon or whatever. Currently I'm working on a layout for a fansite and I'm trying to cut my subject out of the image but his hair has a few flips in it that I want to keep but I can't get the background out from there. I was wondering if you guys had any tips/tutorials/etc. that could help me figure it out. Thanks ahead of time, I've included the image so you know what I mean. I use PSP9 and PSCS2.

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Coloring Question

Hi, I am fairly new to this comm and I am sorry to bug everyone with a question like 3 days after I have joined the comm I fail beyond fail I know |'D So, I have a few icons (icons that I have no idea of who made) and I love the coloring, but I dont know how to achieve it. Could anyone help me out?

Here are the 2 I am in love with and the rest under a cut (there aren't many like 4 only ^__^)

This Eetuek and this Photobucket

I am really interested in the coloring of those pics , could anyone help me out?

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Animation using ImageReady 7.0 help

I've read through many of the tutorials here and unless I've missed it I can't seem to find this problem. Any help anyone can give me would be wonderful.

I would like to make a mini movie type icon. On Adobe Photoshop Help web link I looked up how to open/import video files to make animated icons with and it said "You can open movies in MOV, AVI, and FLIC formats to view and edit in ImageReady" it also gave a how told me how to open QuickTime-compatible movies. I don't have/use QuickTime (I use Windows Media Player) but I have short films file which are AVI. I opened one using the steps they said to use and when it opens (showing me each frames I've chosen) and they are all white. I've tired different movies, different amount of frames etc but it always comes up white instead of the pictures. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Am I going about this completely wrong?

Program: Adobe ImageReady 7.0

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Problem not solved

Quick Mask Help!


Having a problem in Photoshop 7 in Quick Mask. It's been like this for a while and I have no clue why, it might be really obcious but I've tried everything I can think of, searched through helped and looked for stuff on Google but nothing.

I normally use Quick Mask removing backgrounds. Now whenever I use the brush tool to select what I want to move, then exit and use the Move Tool to remove the selection from the original photo, I only get a faded version of what I cut out, half of it coming with the move tool and the other half staying behind. I have no idea why and it just started happening. The flow and opacity of the brush are both set to 100% and I've tried "reset to default" like a hundred times and nothing. So if someone could help it would be great, there's a screenshot under the cut if it helps. 

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plastic surgery/airbrusing

hey there, i was wondering if anyone was good at airbrushing/blending stuff with skin colours. i have 2 images that i wanted edited for my art project. i use photoshop reguarly but this is pretty advanced for me. i was wondering if someone could make a picture of me like this one:

it'd be great if someone could give me a tutorial (or even do it for me) like puffen my lips and eye up like hers. i have an image of myself but i won't put it up unless someone replies to this. i was also wondering if someone could blend this fake nose i'm wearing into my skin (so it actually looks like its my nose)

if anyone could do this for me, or help, that'd be great. if you can do this for me (or have any ideas), i'll give you a bigger version of my images and i'll give you the image for the first job. :) thanks!

Acv files

I found this really cool tutorial and for the part with the curves, the maker made an ACV file for us to download. However, when I tried to open it in Photoshop CS2, this image appeared:

The user deleted his journal by the time I got to the tutorial, so I can't ask him anymore.

I've tried on googling about the problem, but nothing useful comes up.
Please, does anyone know what the problem might be and how can I solve it?
Thank you in advance.



Here's this way of making blends which I love, this frame thing.
I guess I've already seen something like that, called mask brushes, but dunno how to use them...
So could anyone tell me something about these?