March 22nd, 2008

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Program help?

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Corel Paintshop Pro X mainly for graphics making, but neither of them have come with an animation program that I can use to make animated icons. Yes, I've tried the GIMP, as well as UnFREEZ, but I'm looking for a free program that can provide the same icon creating capabilities that Imageready or animation shop can. If anyone could direct me to a good substitution, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks!
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My First Tutorials

This is my first tutorials, so give me some slack.

Just simple, using duplicating and fill layers.
Any program.

Here at my LJ. 

More complicated, but not too much.
Uses Brightness/Contrast, fill layer, texture, duplicating and Selective Coloring.
PS only

Here at my LJ
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Second Tutorial - Hayley Williams

Make This Image Hosted by From Free Image Hosting at

Made in PS CS2
Uses Adjustment layers, But can be made without selective colouring.

Find it Here

Please excuse my layout.. I know its not easy on the eye- Im trying to change it :)
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Exclusion Layers explanation

Exclusion layers are beautiful things, but I constantly see them rather poorly explained in comments on "How do I get this coloring?" posts-- or other tools being attributed when an exclusion layer will do. SO, I decided to throw together a quick set of examples and some rules of thumb. :3

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So, rules of thumb:

All "blacks" in an image will turn the same color as the exclusion layer; whites are an inverted color from the exclusion layer.
Dark exclusion layers are more subtle than bright exclusion layers.
You can get blue/yellow coloring without mucking about with Selective Coloring, Curves,or any other tools like that. ;3
You can figure out what shade the exclusion layer is by picking out the darkest color in the image!

I hope this is useful~

Photoshop 7 - can't edit anything

When I open a .jpg in Photoshop 7, most editing options are greyed out. I can change the image size, copy/paste the image into another, and that's it. Any other option is either greyed out, or when I hold my cursor over the image, all I see is an open hand. I couldn't see anything about this in the memories.


EDIT: I just restarted my computer and it's working fine now. Peculiar.
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soft & pink?

Hey there :] I recently started making icons and I've gotten curious about a certain style I've found.

Does anyone know how to give icons a soft, pink texture? Like the kind edensflowers is known for:

I've noticed stefycarter and parisstar23 sometimes using this kind of look in their icons - especially Disney ones - as well.

I have a hang of the sparkly textures, the exclusion layer, and even the "little red dot" - but I still can't give my icons this soft feeling. I think it might be a selective color thing? D:

I asked the maker who uses GIMP - only its in French, so its not much of a help. I have GIMP but I MUUUUCH prefer Photoshop (I use PS7), so if anyone can tell me how to get this effect with PS I'll be way happy :]
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1st post, I'm nervous.

How can I get the background for these two icons?

I would ask the makers but it's some sort of multi-people contest all in one post and I'm not sure who to ask. Sorry!