March 23rd, 2008


Problem with Adobe Image Ready CS2


I was in a final step to make a gif but when I want to save it,it turn out that I was only able to save the last frame only. Here is the step that I made - as you can see at the layer palette.

Does anyone know where I did wrong??
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Need help to soften the look of grain

Does anyone know how to get rid of grain in a picture without making the picture look too softened, too blurry, or possibly even too blotchy? To make the picture look more natural that you wouldn't guess was grainy before, or even remotely close to that.

Any help would be great! <3~

Oh and I use PS7.
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Question! help, pls.

I'm using Image Ready 7, I guess? Idk, whatever version came with Photoshop 7.
So I made this icon. :D It took forevar to figure out how to animate the frames but then I got it. Ho ho ho~
But I want to add an extra frame to it (i know how to do that el oh el) but I want to make it fade out.
So how do I fade out a frame? c:
And I want to fade in text but once I learn one way I can learn the other.

Coloring Tutorial For Dark, Dull Images

this to this

Made in: GIMP
Steps: 7 (2 optional)
Translatable: Yes
Difficulty: Easy
Works on: Dark, dull images.
Found: Here @ my journal

This is my first tutorial, so comments (positive and negative) are more than welcome. This tutorial involves using layer modes and opacity, and an optional last step that uses curves. I've tried to explain why I used the steps that I did, but if I wasn't clear enough please let me know and I'll try to explain it more in-depth.

This tutorial works best for inanimate objects, although it can be used to brighten images of people if you skip steps 3&5 (using steps 3&5 turns people a weird orange/red color). Using images brighter than the one I used tends to make the image too bright, but some turn out well if you use one or two multiply layers on top.
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psd file question


I just got photoshop cs2 so I'm new at this (been using GIMP before). I was looking through some tutorials and I noticed some of them had the psd file for download.So, I'm wondering what does it really do? I saw  one and it only had a psd file. Is there a way to get that coloring when I download it?

sorry for the beginnerish question. 



i wouldnt normally ask, but its breaking my heart trying to remember the tut i made

from, its probably one of my fave colourings ever, and since the restore ive lost it

help anyone?