March 24th, 2008

coloring question...

Everyone hates these, I know. But, I've been racking my brain for days on how to get coloring for West Wing caps. It's hard to work with caps inundated with so much YELLOW. :) Any help is appreciated. For examples of the type of coloring that I'm looking for check out THIS post.

Thank you!


Okay, looked through some entries but I couldn`t find anything similar. Sorry, if this is already explained:

I would like to know how to make an icon like this -->

I hope somebody can help me.

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can anyone give me links for any good tutorials for enhancing facial features?
what i mean is like how to add eyeshadow/ eyeliner/ lipstick/ change eye colour/ get smooth skin using photoshop (i have cs2)
thank you.
Goo Hara

Question concerning animated icons

What programs can I use to do rip videos into smaller, three-second gifs that also can do coloring techniques and other stuff.


Maker: wecrash

If there's a different process, or it requires more than one program, please also let me know.

picard crusher

How do I get this coloring/effect?

Normally I would wait until the artist could reply to me, but I only have tonight to make graphics and I can't wait :P Can anyone point me to a tutorial that will give me the coloring in any of THESE icons by princessbloomy? I'm interested in the coloring of any and all of them, but especially the effects on 9, 11, and 95. In addition to the coloring, if someone could point me to the texture you think she used I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Disney icon tutorials?

I'm new here and I did look through the tags here but I don't find good tutorials for Disney movies or cartoons {those are the search words I used as per the instructions here} since most tuts I've seen are for real people and they don't seem to translate too well to Disney cartoons {at least I can't get them to work for cartoons}

I guess I am mostly looking for things like these: 

Collapse )
yoomin [black&white] // please don't tak

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hey guys, I have this problem.

I made THIS IMAGE on Adobe Imageready CS this afternoon. It looked fine while I was editing it, but the end product came out terribly grainy, especially around the hair and skin area. I know it's not the monitor/resolution problem, since I can see it on all three computers I have at home.

Can anybody help pls? I've played around with all the settings but nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance.