March 25th, 2008

anime: FT levy

Icon guide for beginners!

I wrote an icon-making guide for my friend who's just starting out on icons and thought I'd share it here too. :) I'll mostly be explaining on how to prepare your base, and some of the dos and don'ts involved in that. As for colouring, I'm not teaching how to colour a certain way, but rather some of the tools you can use to colour your icons. So yeah. :)

Over here at irish_creme.
blue flower

Texture tutorials?

I've downloaded a lot of really pretty textures. Now, I consider myself a fairly decent iconmaker, but what I'm looking for are some tutorials involving using textures to spice up an icon. I see HUNDREDS of colouring tutorials on this community but so few people post TEXTURE tutorials, and it gets frustrating to see page upon page of more selective colouring when I have these really pretty textures on my hard drive I'd rather use instead. I poked around the memories but most of the entries involving textures are tutorials on how to make textures.

So do you have any good tutorials in your memories, whether yours or someone else's, that feature the use of textures or creative ways to use textures or tips on tricks on using textures?