March 31st, 2008

animated icon help

Hi it's me again...I just wanted to know what other steps can I take to bring down the size of this icon without it looking too watered down. Does the size of the original screencaps matter (please excuse the stupidity of this question...the captures were in total, 22 frames...all .jpgs)?
Currently, I am using PS CS3 for Windows.

Thanks for the help in advance!


Maybe this is the wrong area to ask, but I think I've asked this before...and now I have no idea where my post went in this community...
So I'll make this quick.
My text has been acting up since last night, I think I hit a button or something.  How am I able to reset it so it looks normal?
At size 6, this is what my font looks like:

Help please?


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I was wondering if anyone had a problem uninstalling PSCS3 in Vista. I'm trying to reinstall it cause there was something wrong with it and for some reason i cant uninstall it on Vista. I looked on The Microsoft site to find how to fix but it wont work. I went to Safe Mode to uninstall it there but nothing happenes. Do I need to buy Vista again and try it that way or is there another way to get it uninstalled. I also tried to create another account thinking that would work but it still comes out the same way. Any ideas or know a place for it?
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well, I need help for make an icon like this ->   (made by harmonii_icons)

I know that I need use the program Image Ready CS2, but I don't know HOW make the icon (the effect when the pictures changing) D:

anothe example of the same effect is  in this layout

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 could someone please explain how to get the red glow in this icon:

 by infinitiva

I know it's probably very simple, but I'm very new to PS and don't know anything about it. I know it has to do with the brush tool, step-by-step instructions would be helpful. Thanks in advance! I have Photoshop CS3.
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help~ ^-^

how do i achieve this coloring, vector effect (without an online vectory-making-thingy-machine, please >_<) and blinking shiney sparlkies?

Collapse )

more samples of what i want to learn over here,
also the gif effect with the moving sparkles. ^^
(i already guessed that the sparkles were brushes.. mmhm?)

i really, really love these effects and i really want to learn them.
i use photoshop cs / image ready cs :3

thanks for all the help! :D

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