April 1st, 2008


PS Error?

I've had Photoshop for some time now and have noticed in the past week or so that I cannon drag textures or color layers from one project to the other. It will automatically go to another layer or just not let me drop and drag at all. I've never experienced this problem before and as far as I know, nothing has really changed on my computer.

Help please! I tend to use this process to make icons and now it's not working at all. Thanks so much! 

How do you...

I am not new to Photoshop at all; However i can't get this certain 'look' i want
I know you use selective color and probably something else but i tried tweaking a dozen times and nothing comes exact or even close.

anyway's i wish to know how to make the The green/reds to pop out very nicely without looking very horrible



If you can help i'd  REALLY apperciate it

p.s i use PHOTOSHOP CS2 & CS3

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