April 3rd, 2008


PSP 7 Error

I know I'm living in the past, still using my PSP 7, he he, but now I got a problem. Went through the archives and didn't see anything that explained what this error is. If there was, and I missed it I'm sorry.

I try to open a picuture and this is what comes up...

I was thinking it's cause the folder that picture was in is pretty full with pictures, but I don't think that's it. It's not happening in any of my other picture folders. Any suggestions/comments as to what is causing this? Thanks!
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problems with font

I am having a very weird problem with font. When I want to use a font in an icon and go to select the size, it comes out much larger than it's suppoused to be. For example, if I want my font to be size 12, it comes out closer to size 24 or so.

I use PSCS2, has anybody else had this problem? What can I do? I've already tried restarting the program...

Thanks in advance!