April 4th, 2008

some questions..

 credit: mini

1. I want to ask that how can i make the effect like A & B ?
I dont know how to describe them correctly..
They are just write, soft, smooth and great..
Any help is love ^_^

2. And the coloring of A ?
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Preventing Color Loss When Saving in Photoshop

I've seen a lot of posts concerning the fact that when you use the file > save for web option in Photoshop to save your icons as .jpg, there is a loss of color/quality, whereas going the file > save as route and saving the icon as a .png results in a file size far too large for LiveJournal. I thought I'd offer up my suggestion on how to get around this problem. (Warning: Mac users only.)

( 3-Step Mini-Tutorial This Way )
Jim Morrison

Blushing Effects and Patterned Backgrounds

This might be a weird request but how do you make a person in an icon look like they're blushing? 

Also how do you change the background, like in this icon- So that is a pattern instead of the regular background?
(I use PSP 7)

BTW, this community has helped me a lot. Thanks a million :)

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