April 5th, 2008

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PSP Help

ok, really stupid question.

But I just got PSP, and I can't get Fill Layers or Raster Layers or whatever they are called to work. I'm trying to do the 2nd tutorial from here

thanks :)
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tw; isaac

Text Going Wiggly When Rotated.

I have PSCS2 and a Mac, and recently when I rotate text, it goes kind of wiggly and higgledy piggeldy, it doesn't stay in a straight line when it's been rotated. It tends to do it more with fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana etc. I know there's a post about this before but I looked through the memories but couldn't seem to find it. Is there any way of solving this at all?

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I want to make an icon that fades from picture to picture. I have image ready and Photoshop 7. I have 6 different pictures, and I want to have my icon fade between them all. Is this possible? I searched through the memories here for about an hour, and I cannot find it. If there is already a tutorial for this, can someone link it to me? Thank you for your help and for your time.


Hello, I'm trying to get something like this.
Can you help me get this effect or coloring, but I don't think its coloring so I don't know.
I use photoshop cs3
Thanks if you help :)
this one
& this

PSP7: Cutting Out Images

I specifically wrote this tutorial, (my first on LJ!) for voodoochild9, with specific details and instructions, because the basic explanations weren't cutting it.  I thought I'd go ahead and cross-post it for anyone that might find it useful. This is for cutting out an image of a person and then placing it on a texture, for Paint Shop Pro. Over here at my icon journal!