April 7th, 2008

H50 - Steve - Shirtless Blue

Tutorial #5 - Shannyn Sossaman

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The original image can be found HERE

Today we are going for a high contrast, interesting black and white icon! Featuring Shannyn Sossaman from Moonlight.

The icon won 2nd place, for Challenge 3, Round 1, at moonlightrumble

Remember this is just a guide, don't follow it exactly. Things will need to be toggled depending on your image and what you want your icon to look like.

Tutorial HERE at my LJ


in need of assistance

I stayed up all night playing around with PS CS3 when I accidentally achieved this:


I wanted to do it again, but I exited out of the program and I don't remember how I did it. I did poster edges again but it wasn't the same...GAAAAH.
I saw a similar tut using a cap from Buffy before; but that was eons ago. Can anyone help? **bats eyes**

Edit: (sort of) solved. Mahalo plenty to those who helped:-)
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Hey there, I got a question. It's about the Texture on this Icon:

I mean those tiny Windows on the Icon below. Behind the heads of the 2 People. I've seen them before but can't remember where. I think it's a texture. Does anyone know where i can get it or how i can make it my own?? Thanks for any help

Icon by</b></a>babliz

A tutorial for drawings and paintings?

Ello! This is my first post here in icon_tutorial, and so far I really like it here!

Anywho, I was wondering- I need a good tutorial to make an icon of a drawing or painting. I've seen some really nice ones before with anime figures, and they look like they're colored with a texture or something. Could you help me out?

This is one of the images I need to use:

bob | Mrs. Nixon&#39;s baby boy

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Hi, I'm new here and I have what may be a confusing question:

How do you finalize an icon that makes it so that various layers you've added don't stick out so much (mostly noticable with fonts)? Not necessarily merging the layers together, but making them look like one layer instead of various layers in one icon. I'm asking this because whenever I try to add text on an icon, it seems to stick out horribley when my goal is to make it a part of the icon. Maybe you add a texture or something? Another way I could put this is that for the people who make icons that involve text, what do you guys do to finalize the icon when you're finished?

I use CS2 photoshop by the way. Thanks in advance.
Film: The Fall yellow coat

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I recently joined this icon challenge community called severalplums. It has a really interesting concept, where the winner has to post a tutorial for his or her winning icon, explaining about how and why he/she took the steps.

For the community, I made a tutorial going from this to this in Photoshop CS3, using the Transform tool, Channel Mixer layers and a whole lot of textures.

Because of the details, it's very beginner-friendly and hopefully useful to some of you.

It can be found over here @ my journal firstillusion. I expect it will be up over at the community soon as well. :)

Enjoy! :)