April 8th, 2008

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 Hey everyone

i just got adobe photoshop 7.0 and barely know the basics (magnetic lasso, crop, layers; thats about it)
so i was wondering if you guys could help me out, i want to be able to make icons/banners with color and all the crazy stuff and dont have a clue how to do it! 
if could post tutorials - links to tutorials - tips- i would greatly appreicate it!! 

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Stock: Key; Castle Keys

Please help?!

I have been trying my hardest to figure these out, but I can't. How do I make these kinds of icons?

I am talking every step of the way... coloring, textures and so on.

I use PSCS2


shoot, I always forget the credit!

Credit to babliz
Disney: Strength

Animation Shop

I do need help and I hope somebody out there can help me and save me from insanity (or from losing more hair still).

I'd like to do an animated icon and I want to do it with Animation Shop. The first Icon I did had 36 pictures and when I put it together it was 39,8 kb. But I wasn't totally happy with the result and did a few changes and when I put the new pictures together I have 171kb.
I still have 36 pictures, they're still the same size, the speed is the same rate and the settings I save them in AS are also the same and I still get the difference file size. Also when I do it in ImageReady.
I tried it with PNG8 and PNG24 but even if the size of the single picture changes I get this stupid 171kb. The filesize also doesn't change with jpg pictures.
I'm totally lost.
I do need all pictures because of the smooth transition and I can't use the function in Image Ready to optimize the size because it looks horrible then.
The thing disturbing me most is that it worked yesterday and that I'm probably doing something absolutely simple wrong...at least I can't think of something else.
Any ideas? I just don't know what else to do.
Thanks in advance.

P.S. Not sure if that's the right LJ but I suppose you have most knowledge about it. If I'm enterly wrong tell  me, I'm sorry then
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Brush question

I've looked through the various brush/compatibility threads in the mems and didn't find anything.

I use PS 7.0. I actually have CS2 and CS3 but habit has me using PS7 most of the time. Is there a way to get brushes made for CS2+ to work in PS7? They're the same extension and program, so i don't understand why I often get the message "Could not load brushes because the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop."

It just seems really dumb that brushes for the same program wouldn't work with other versions. i'll be working in ps7 and have to reopen a file in cs3 just to use a brush. i've resorted to image packs because it's easier, but take up way more disc space.

On that note, is it possible to somehow 'extract' images from a brush file if the image pack isn't included? sometimes i see Gimp or PSP brushes that I love but can't use. Even if I could somehow 'preview' them... i could take screenshots and save them if necessary.