April 12th, 2008

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wow so i've made a TON of icons lately, and i've come up with some very awesome coloring techniques for some of them, and i'd like to share them with people =D! the unfortunate part about these tutorials is that they ALL involve selective coloring, so sorry to the PSP users =[. these were all made in PS 7 before i forget to mention... ok! here we go... here's tuts 1-3... i'll post 4-6 later... my computer isn't cooperating with me... 

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Technique in Icon

Hi all,

I would love to learn how to make this icon Photobucket made by specialisreveli.

More specifically, I want to learn how to make the circle thing, if that makes since. I use Photoshop Elements 4.0. I was looking through memories last night here but am not sure what this kind of technique would be called. I have been trying to teach my self how to make it but so far it's never quite right and I love this technique.
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We'll be going from this Photobucket to this Photobucket in Photoshop CS3, using the Scale tool, Selective Color and Curves. Because I explain the steps and the functions, I think it's relatively beginner-friendly.

This icon was made for an icon challenge community called severalplums  , where the intent is that the winner makes a tutorial for his or her icon. This icon won second place (the tutorial for the one that won first place is over here at my journal and over here at severalplums  ).

The tutorial is over here @ my journal firstillusion

Hope you enjoy! :)
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My first icon tutorial!

How to make the following animated icon using Photoshop 7 / ImageReady 7:

This is my first tutorial and while I'm sure there are easier, simpler ways of making mini movie icons, it's how I've been making mine for a while now and I hope it comes in handy for someone.

Tutorial can be found HERE @ my icon community, pixies_fic.
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