April 13th, 2008

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I'd love any help on getting this coloring, the icon is by 0oh__snap___xx. I've already asked her about it, and am still waiting, so while I wait might as well post here, right? ;)

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Thank you in advance! :D

I use Photoshop cs3, but I can easily adjust to a psp guide.
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Help with coloring...

Can anybody point me to a tutorial to achieve this kind of coloring? Any help would me much appreciated.

This is the original picture. I would also like to know how to achieve this coloring for non-blue images. I use Photoshop CS2. Thanks again in advance.
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Coloring help

I've checked the archive but I can't find what I'm looking for. The one that takes red out of picture didn't have the end result I wanted.

I want to get Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us to any of these: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCredit of icons to fizzlingwhizbee 

Can anyone help me to get these coloring? Problem\question:  solved - thank you to everyone for the help:)

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I really hope somebody can help, 'cos this is really bugging me.
I use Photoshop CS, and whenever i select a picture layer, to move it, it just selects any sort of colour layer on top of the picture. Any way of stopping this? It takes quite a while to drag the picture to the top of the layers palette, move it around and then drag it back.
If you don't get what i mean, i made a picture below the cut.
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how would I achieve...

I need some help on colouring, I use photoshop 7.0

when I went to find an example, I couldnt (thats usually how it works right?)

this is probs the closest click
(credit: ~miss-dependent)
(credit: stormyg .photography)
or click
(credit: omfgitsangie)

those are the closest i could find, see the green tinge and bright colours, but I think its kind of neutral aswel...
thankyouuuu in advance
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My photoshop started being super retarded today. I put text on one of my icons, then saved it. I opened another file and went to put text on it. But all that came up when I clicked on it with the text tool was this little blinking dot. it was on 12 point font, and so I tried zooming in but no matter far I zoomed it was the same size. I reset all the tools to default but that didn't help. I closed out photoshop and reboot the computer, but that didn't help ether. any idea's on what it could be?
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Switching between Image Ready and Photoshop CS2 - frame problem

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I don't have a tutorial for you to enjoy but instead a question to ask.
After looking through the memories and not finding anything that looked like being of any help to me I decided to ask here. So, on to the real problem:

When I work on an animation in Image Ready everything's fine until I switch to PS to sharpen the individual layers. After working on the picture I select the bottom layer and switch back to Image Ready but the frames aren't in a coherent order anymore. Instead I usually have the bottom layer I selected in PS in every single frame. This isn't really a problem with small animations but everything above 10 frames tends to be really annoying. I have to do the animation again by hand and that's time and brain cells consuming I tell ya.

Is there a way to keep the animation from messing up? Do I have to select a differen layer in PS? I tried everything I could think of but it always get's messed up. I'm trying to make a mood theme but like this, I can't see myself completing it anytime soon.

Every help is highly appreciated and I'm gonna post a tutorial as a reward (or I will do anyway I guess). Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice rest of your weekend (if it still is Sunday like here). ♥ Tina =D
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(no subject)

I hate that I have to do this, but the last time I asked this question I got like no help.
So I want to see if I get anything better.
& Trust me, the posts in the memories, I don't get.
But thats just cause I'm looking for details and screencaps of what needs to be clicked.
I guess I'm a noob.
[btw, I use Photoshop CS2]


I need help with...

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and possibly...

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The example pictures are of girls from myspace.
I know who they are, no need to point out what their names are.
Sorry if I'm asking a lot, but I just wanna know how to do these things because the people in the pictures won't tell me.
Sooooo, thanks in advance :D 

EDIT: I have a feeling something is wrong with my photoshop, because I'm trying to click keverything exactly like the tutorials, but its just not working for me.
I have no clue why.
Anymore help?
I seriously feel like I'm asking waayyyyy too much...
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updates and adding text

hey i got an older version of ps (7) and i was wondering if you can get updates online for it? also i cant figure out how to get text in my work everytime i try the cursor comes up teeny tiny and no matter how big i try to make it i cant see what im typing just a little color blob :( i would love any help!!! thanks!!!!!!
ps i would totally use the memories thing except i dont know what that is... does it mean just sit here and scroll through like every post?
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Installing Brushes in Photoshop Elements 6

Has anyone figure it out yet? I tried putting them in the Brushes Folder, that is the way that worked in Elements 5, but it doesn't work in 6. Only the default brushes are in the brush menu when I open it. I have closed and reopened Photoshop several times and still don't have brushes. Did they change how it works with the updates?
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