April 14th, 2008

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Sorr y if this isin't allowed but..
Can someone give me a step by step tutorial (or something like it) on hot to achieve this effect around Harry and Ginnys Heads?
Or something like it. It's sort of a scribble thing...

If you can help, thanks!
I'm using CS3

Ahhhh! Weird font help!!!

Omg, i don't know what's going on with photoshop atm! I think a simular question has been posted before, but i can't find it. Anyway, when i click 'new' it askes you for how large/small i want the new image/canvas to be(as normal), so i tried to type in what i wanted but it came up with nothing and when i tried 'backspace' it came up with squares *confused* Same with when i want to type in the text box too. My friend told me to change the font but that didn't work.
Please help, i have no idea whats going on!!

Thanks in advance!


please help

I have lost my bookmark of the tutorial for this icon:

that is the exact icon used in the tutorial! Or if you can find a very similar colouring that would be super awesome as well. anyone who finds it, you would be my biggest hero!! :)
I use that colouring for like everything :S I accidentaly deleted the action I had saved of it and I can't remeber how to make it either :(
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sorry if this has been asked before...I looked back about 160 entries so it hasn't been asked recently and I cant find anything in the memories but I may be blind, feel free to pelt me with rotten tomatoes

I haven't used frames like this...


forever. How do you get the image to go in the little greyed out "window" without making it a mess? I don't mean how do you resize but even when I round the corners of my selection it looks like hell. Is it all just trial and error or is there a trick?

also, I dont have the credit info for the frame so if it's yours let me know please or if you know who's it is let me know so I can credit like a good girl

Beautiful unknown colorings

I'm sorry if I'm being a small pest, but I'm really hoping you guys can help me.
The other day I was at my friend's house and I saw some really beatiful icons sved on her computer, but when I asked her where she got them from, she couldn't remember.

So, I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out. Here are the icons, credit to their maker (also,if anyone knows who made them, please tell me so I can credit the person):

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