April 16th, 2008

coloring help

could someone give me an idea on how to acheive this type of coloring?

by discodiiva

I'm curious on how to color certain parts of a black & white icon. 

Also, how to I change the color of a certain thing in an icon? 
(in this icon, her coat was yellow, was colored the teal color)

by juniper_shade

thanks for any help, I have Photoshop CS3 btw 
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Naruto Manga Coloring

Can anyone find me...make me...or direct me to a tutorial about colouring manga shots (of Naruto). I'll be happy to exchange any useful information for some free icons/banners. What would also be a useful hint would be how to convert manga shots like these

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It would really help my icon skills to learn how to do this. If anyone can help me. Please send me a message or reply to this post. Or send me an email at tony_infinity@yahoo.com
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Kevin pr

Requested Tutorial

Done in CS 2, but should translate fairly easily.
Requested anomalously...

I don't have the psd saved so I'll get it as close as possible to the original.

Make a graphic like this:

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WOW! I love that colouring!

I found this amazing icon by edensflowers,

I'd also like to know the colourings of the icons that prince_swan asked for, aswell, there are no ideas/comments yet for that one, but i'm looking in onto it! (by the same artist)

Thanks in advance

(Use CS2/CS3)

(no subject)

Hey, guys I would really love it if you could advice me tuts on black ad white pictures?
I want to make icons, but I dont know how to make the coloring better in black&white
cropings, any help would be great.

Thank you.
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jessy > om nom nom


I just picked up Pixelmator yesterday and I was wondering if anyone had any resources (textures, etc.) or tutorials for Pixelmator, seeing as it's a little gimped.

Thanks in advance.