April 18th, 2008

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Hello, is there any tool on PSPX that you could use instead of selective colouring because I really want photoshop but it seems quite expensive on amazon?

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GIMP issues

So I was using GIMP for quite a while, and although I was certainly still an amateur, I basically knew what I was doing. But then something happened [I have no idea what buttons I pushed or how this could have happened at all] and everything under the foreground/background colors boxes disappeared. Now there is only a single line of text that says "you can drop dockable dialogs here."
I have no idea what that means, nor how to get any of the things that were below it back. I apologize for not being able to explain it better, but i'm afraid my knowledge of technical terms for GIMP is rudimentary at best.
Thank you in advance.
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text help!

so i've been using PSP7 for years now (probably about 10 plus years), but i've finally started to use photoshop since i realized it does a lot more things that PSP doesn't do. i've gotten good at figuring certain things out, but i can't figure this out for the life of me. and it's the easiest thing ever that i KNOW i'm going to headdesk once someone tells me how to do it.

i want slanting text. i know how to do it in PSP7, but text there just doesn't look right. so i want to finally do it in PS.


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someone please teach me the ways of the slanted text in photoshop. i've looked through the memories already, and the only thing i can find is how to warp text.

eta: I FIGURED IT OUT!!! i actually did it by accident. so for future reference if anyone else is having the issue, whenever you're about to do your text, drag the cursor so it makes a box. you can rotate that box, then just click on your layer to make it go away. YAY i are smrt lol.