April 20th, 2008


Photoshop CS 3 // movie clips // Apple mac

I'm desperate, please help me! :(

I just have Photoshop CS 3(and the other Adobe programms, CS 3) and no Image Ready because its everything in Photoshop what I need for an animation. BUT, i want to make mini movie clip icon!
I knwo I have to do something with "Video Frames to Layers" and so on...But how can I import this damn 2 min clip?! And make it into screencaps?!

I have MAC no Windows!!!

And I want to make a .wma file into screencaps. HOW?!

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Ok so, I was wondering how to make really bold coloring without using selective coloring?
I know it sounds incredibly vague but I love the results selective coloring gives - strong, bold colors that dont seem dull or washed out. But, sadly, that function doesnt come with my software so if anyone has any tips?
Preferably to make purple and blue stand out, as well as blonde hair. All on the one picture.

My second, is strange.
So it's under the cut.

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Also any fonts which could be recommended?

Thanks in advance x
basch - desert

Banner-making tutorial 01: texture banners

Making banners can be as difficult as making icons; moreso, in fact, because a good banner-maker will try and match the original icon as closely as possible without knowing exactly how the icon was made. This tutorial in three parts will go through a few different easy ways of getting matching effects even if the banner-maker isn't sure of how the original icon was developed.

Program: PS7
Effects: Blending, color-matching
Difficulty: medium
Tools: masking layers, free transform, adjustment layers


( link to tutorial on my own journal )

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