April 23rd, 2008

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Making brush sets in PS7

Like the title says. I know how to define a certain image as a brush, but every time I do it slaps it onto the end of the active brush set. I've poked around the options and I don't know how to start a new brush set from scratch and just add into it. I have all kinds of ideas on making icon sized (and some larger) brushes but it's making me tear my hair out because none of the PS7 brush menus make it clear how I can create my own brush set. Are there any tutorials on creating brush sets out there? Or can anyone who does make brushes tell me how they do it so I can get an idea of how I should go about it? Thanks!
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This kind of effect?

First time asking a question here. XD

I'm looking to make a background something like this one below the cut. It was a wallpaper done by eivina on Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai. I'd contact her, but she hasn't been on since the beginning of this month.

It looks really simple, but I can't seem to replicate it. Is it a mixture of textures or something on different blending layers? I'm confused. Any tips? I use Photoshop CS2.

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to make this?

Hello everyone =]
I'm wondering how you can make this effect to make a texture/background

i saved this texture alone, and i don't remember who made it =[ sorry

i use PS CS2
thanks in advance!

I specificly want to achive something like this

the background all shiny (like the texture) then the rest all black and white. You'll understand this more if you've seen the credits of this show ^^;
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Pothoshop Problem - Text That Won't Appear.

Sorry, I need Photoshop-help. Hope this is the right place.

Because of I-don't-know-what my Adobe doesn't allow me to add text to my graphics or any other file I open with it. I tried to stop it, and then re-open it several times, then restart my laptop, but nothing happened. When I click on the image to put the text, what appears is a still point and nothing else. If I write something it appears in the layers window, but I can't see it on the image.
I thought it was a problem of resolution (and in that case how do you solve it?) but when it happened to me, I usually close-restart Adobe and it kept working perfectly fine.
Maybe I can do something before reinstalling the whole program ;_;

So any help would much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

PS: I have Adobe Photoshop CS2.