April 26th, 2008


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I'm having a really hard time changing hair color from blonde to dark brunette. I have no problem doing another hair color in a similar range but when it comes to light haired people I can never manage to make their hair dark. Can someone point me towards a tutorial or give me any tips?
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Question about PSPx2 & PSCS3

 I know Photoshop CS3 has selective coloring. Which is amazing. Unfortunetly...my trial is over *weeps a river of tears*
So i've downloaded Paint Shop Pro X2....I just saw and looked that PSP does not have selective coloring... *weeps a waterfall of tears*
Is there anything that is similar to selective coloring that would be similar in Paint Shop Pro? Any info will help!! Thanks again! 

if possible...can someone provide me with a tutorial or a link to a tutorial that shows how you can get the same effects of selective coloring....well...without using selective coloring. like a tut. that shows how to get it the look in paint shop pro with different steps but same end result. thankies again for everyone that commented and gave me great info!
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Coloring Manga Pages? Help please.

Hey guys,

I just got my copy of CS3 yesterday and I remembered that last year someone posted here some links that teaches you how to color black+white pages...such as mangas. I think it's called coloring stock images or something like that. I wonder if you guys can direct me to a few LJs that has those kind of tutorings.

Thanks in advance!

Problem solved!

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how to go from to or

photoshop cs2; not translatable.
(song jihyo) 5 stps. medium.
— brightness and contrast.
— selective coloring.
— (optional) channel mixer.

*may not work on every icon; works best with yellow & red ones.
*my first time making a tutorial :DDDDb

here at yeonhee.
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I'm sorry if I'm getting a little annoying here, but I have a question.

Is there a way to make an icon's file size smaller without ruining the quality of the image?

I've been making bases a while ago, and most of the ones I made were not LJ compatible since their sizes were too high. I tried reducing the quality of the image, but you know what happens. The picture becomes ugly.

So... Is there a way? I hope you can help me!