April 30th, 2008

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Awhile ago, I found this picture on photobucket:


And I've been trying for ages to emulate the colouring! Well, actually, the bright reds are giving me the real problem :/ Does anyone have any advice as to how to achieve this? Oh, and I use PS 7 :)

Photoshop Coloring Tuts?

Could any one please direct me to some great coloring tuts (or maybe even a list??)  WITHOUT selective coloring?  I have PSPX and LOVE most of the colorings I find, but can never achieve them because theyre all selective coloring!!
dance the night away

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 hi, everybody!

so, i'll get straight to the point. a few months ago, i downloaded photoshop cs2, the 30 day trial and when it was over, i was sort of in a rush at that time and began deleting the photoshop folders and files. but when i got photoshop cs3 again, a few days ago, i got an error box when i tried to install it, which said "the log file (photoshop location) is not valid or the data has been corrupted. uninstallation will not continue". is there anyone who has experienced anything like this? any suggestions because it's very frustrating. thanks in advance!