May 2nd, 2008

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I know this is about the 100th time i've posted but im really stuck on this. ):

i use PS CS3. On the right hand side theres like the colours.. and the blend mode: lighten, darken, screen..etc.. well i pressed the x button where the blend mode thing was and i dont know how to get it back.
anyone know how?
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Right, I recently aquired Photoshop 7.0 and after finally getting used to it (I used to use PSP), it's decided to present me with a problem. Lovely.

Basically, I'm trying to get a coloured gradient overlay on my text like Collapse )

I did make that, which is proof that I haven't gone crazy and that it can be done. But now, even when I select a coloured gradient in the Blending Options tab thingy, it still overlays with black/grey. I'm not doing anything differently and it's reeeeeeeally getting on my nerves because it's for a request from a graphics comm.

If anybody could help me I'll love you forever <3
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Does anyone know of good tutorials for enhancing/adding to black&white icons? 

I'm trying to make a pair for a RPG site I play at and I don't want them to be a boring black/white, but I don't want them to be wildly different either. I'm using PS7 and have found that I can follow most tuts easily enough. I'd be grateful for any suggestions you might want to through at me.



mmm...does anyone know if someone had made a tutorial on making images like the ones they create for the guest hosts in saturday night live? i just looooove the effect!

i use ps cs3 btw. thanks in advance for all your help!
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