May 5th, 2008


I am using Adobe Photoshop 7 and Adobe Imageready. I made an animated icon, and I was going to save ( optimized as...) and I can't save as a jpeg or a gif. I can ONLY save as an html or a pnd. Both are only allowing "Image Only" saving (jpg image only as well), and I'm not sure why. I was doing this about 3 weeks ago, and it worked the way I wanted it to. Help please?
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two small questions ?

So, I've decided to take up some icon challenges
And I want as many varied types of coloring as possible.
I've found two coloring examples which I thought were BRILLIANT but can't get anything similar.
I was wondering if you could help me re-create this type of coloring or even something close.
Or perhaps if you know a tutorial that's already available?
My only problem is that I have none of the following :
* color balance
* channel mixer
* selective coloring
* gradient map
Thanks in advance.

Also, I was wondering if this picture has been edited as its coloring seems almost flawless :]
I'd love to use a similar effect, too :D

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Help! I recently switched to a Mac, which seems to have different color settings for Photoshop CS...?

Whenever I try to work with an image, the final result always turns up darker than it actually appears online. I took screen-captures of what I see, and then what comes up in the preview window when I click the "Save for Web" option.

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ETA: By "darker," I meant "duller," and yes, I know that the first image is horribly over-saturated. ;-)

Thanks to everyone for the display calibration tips! Now I just need to figure out why "Saving For Web" isn't working properly-- or just abandon that option altogether.

ETA #2: Aha! After loads of toggling and playing around with settings, my SFW option works pretty much perfectly! My results (sans awful saturation):

Photobucket (What I see in PS) ---> Photobucket (What I see in the SFW option) ---> Photobucket (What is saved)

There's still a smidge of color desaturation in the actual saving process, but nothing I can't live with, I think.