May 6th, 2008

I run into walls


Please ignore what the icon says, this was the only example that I could find. 

I have been looking everwhere for a tutorial to make these kinds of Icons, and I can't find one. Could any one please help me?

I would be forever gratefull if you did.


D'Leh Steel

Spike & Dru - Vampire ♥

Animated Icon Help!

Ok, so I have an issue here, I just made this icon (see below) and for some reason it can't go any faster, I tried everything but nothing works! all the frames are set to "No delay" except for the last frame, which is the text. So my question is: How can I make it go any faster? Does anybody have an idea/advice or a tut? anything would be appreciated! Thanx. :)


Twlight Coloring

So I've noticed that alot of caps for the OFFICIAL!!! Twilight trailer have a really cyan overtone. Slightly annoying. I tried to work with it, and came up with this tutorial:

 to this

- Made in Photoshop CS2
- Contains Selective Coloring.

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animation help

hi guys
after checking some tutorial i need help on how to make an animation icon
Especially how to add a frame if my icon is smaller than 100x100

just like this tut (but i cant undestand some steps)

any help? =)

Image Ready Help.

Although I've been using photoshop 7 for quite a while now, I've only recently began experimenting with Image Ready.
The other day I made an animation that was intended for Icon/avatar purposes, yet when I saved it, the file size was over 70kb.
Which is ridiculously large really, and impossible to use as an icon on here or any sort of message board.
As far as I can see I haven't used too many frames in my animation (about 16/17), and I haven't altered any settings prior to saving to increase the quality.
Help? : ] 

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Hi! My name's Cassie and I'm new to graphics making in general, so please forgive my newbishness.

I'm trying to make some icons for purposes of roleplaying from manga images using Ulead PhotoImpact 7, and I was wondering if someone could help me find a way to smooth out the lines? The icons I'm trying to clean up can be found here. I still have the original black and white bases for the icons and the manga pages I edited them from. If someone could please point me to a tutorial on how to neaten them up a bit, I'd be very grateful. Thank you!