May 7th, 2008

Tutorial List: Create good black and white icons/pics, colorize black and white pics, b/w icon tuts!

I've noticed a lot of people asking many times a week how to create good black and white pictures/icons,(is also called gray scaling or desaturating), how to make them "pop" so to speak. Or how to add color/colorize an entire black and white picture or color only parts of it, leaving the rest black and white.

So I thought it was long over due to make a list of tutorials/guides people have made that explains these things, and to have everything in one place so it's easier to find. I will not claim I have every single tutorial of this kind posted by people on Live Journal listed here, but I think I have around 95% of them, so I hope you'll find something of interest among them!

I did NOT make any of these, I only created the previews, full credit goes to the makers of each tutorial for the rest!

This post includes, in order:

- Different techniques to create good black and white pictures.
- How to colorize an entire black and white picture/icon, or add color to only parts of it.
- Misc black and white icon tutorials.

Created: May 7th 2008
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Okay, I don't have any examples so I'm going to try an explain what kind of tut I need/want.

How to make a photo such as this in to a cartoon. I've seen some icons like this, I may be wrong and the icon maker may have drawn it but its worth a shot asking.

So does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about and may know what effect I'm talking about?