May 10th, 2008


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Ok, so I know it's really frustrating when you have a program that doesn't use selective colouring and you want that gorgeous effect that you can get with it so here's my attempt at a couple of tutorials which aim to do so.


Includes both PSDs

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Tutorial: Stock

Hi! I'm back with my second tutorial! I was supposed to post it in the communities last night, but sadly, an error kept popping up and I wasn't really feeling well (read: tired). So, enough rambling, on to the tutorial!

We'll be doing this:

Uses Selective Coloring, so I think this isn't translatable?

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Ive been searching on here for about 2 days trying to find some Tutorial list that user's have create . I know that there are some on here but i haven't yet seem to find any and i was wondering does anyone know where i can find some Tutorial lists?

Thanks in advance.

text help

Text has never been my strong point when it comes to icons. So, I come here for help. I've looked through the memories but really didn't find anything that could help me. What I'm really wanting to know is how to get good clean crisp text on my icons. My attempts never come out as clean as I want them to.

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Tutorial 3: Working With Soft Shading (PS 7)

I haven't posted a tutorial here in about 2 years X.X So I bring you one now!

This tutorial involves working with pictures that feature a very soft shading done digitally, like I use: here's an example (warning, very large image) which is from the picture I use in this tutorial.

I haven't seen any tutorials for working with something like this, and I think it'll be handy for those of us who are iconing stuff with this shading, because it's actually quite different to work with.

Also, normally, I'd say you're free to use the end icon. However, please DON'T use the end icon here, as it features not only my original character, but a digital painting done by me. That said, enjoy! And I hope you find this helpful, as it may work with other types of pictures as well.

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