May 11th, 2008

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Coloring Manga

 I have a very specific question related to coloring manga:

I want to color this icon, but I want to get rid of the black so I can color they sky myself. Is there a more effective way to do this than just earasing the black? I have PSCS.
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General tutorial question

Does anyone know of any tutorials that deal with coloring that isn't red or yellow based? I do shipper icons using screen caps so I'm looking for something that would be good for various scenes of that nature (for instance, wild colors or vectors wouldn't really work). I use Photoshop 7.0 and CS3. I've seen tons of tutorial lists but often the non-red/yellow ones don't work with screen caps; they're better on stylized actor images or close-ups.

I like beautiful icons with these colors, don't get me wrong, in fact i use them a lot myself! but i'm just getting tired of seeing them on 90% of tutorials out there. It's either bright red-orangey/peachy-pink, people who look jaundiced because there's so much yellow in their skin, or they use darker blue exclusion layers. They're pretty but I'm so bored with them! I'm dying to see and use something different that isn't hot pink or something, you know? I'm thinking maybe browns or greens, but natural looking-- that's the key. The one thing I like about the red/yellow tones is they often make people look naturally amazing and bump up the clearness of the image. I guess I'm just looking for another 'look' that can do that!

Any help is appreciated!
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PoT / YanaKiri

Full Icon Tutorial #1 - Manga Images {Goku from Saiyuki}

From to , using PS7. Full step-by-step icon tutorial, as beginner-level as I can make it to be. No selective coloring, and I'm pretty sure this is translatable. IMAGE HEAVY.

This tutorial has five parts. Why? To make it less confusing and because it seems cool. |Db In order, we have the Blurb read: my unnecessary talk, the Coloring, the Shading, Blurb part 2, and the Icon-Making.

Oh, look, the parts actually have a purpose! You can skip any of them if you want, depends on your icon or your preference. :D

So here we go at neikkou.