May 15th, 2008

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Animated Icons..

Does anyone know how to take a gif (an animated icon) and turn it into a 100x100 icon.
Can anyone help me. I currently don't have the necessary editing software to make the icon at the moment but I would love help!! Can someone help me make this ---->[] into an icon? Thanks for everyone's help on this very hard question. lol :D:D:D

Just a few questions =]


I am like soooo obsessed with Eva Longoria atm and i'd love to make graphics out of some pictures of her, involving some sort of coloring. But the problem is, i can't find a coloring tutorial that works with Eva's hair color (dark brown) that will look good but doesn't darken the whole picture. So i was wondering if anyone had any tuts that they know of that they could give me directions to? I'd be so great full!
e.g i'd like to do some color changes to this image in particular:

Thanks in advance xx

Oh yeah and it would be nice to learn how to make these colorings, if anyone knows:
1. Photobucket 2. Photobucket Made by kissed_the_curb =]

(Sorry that i don't know who the 1st one is by)

Thank yoooou <3
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Blending Help!

Ok, so I suck at blending big time!! but my question do you guys do it? you guys make it seem so Does anyone of you have any good blending tutorials? for icons or banners? I looked everywhere...and so far nothing that can make my situation any better.  Anything would be very appreciated. Thanx. =D


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Hello there!

I've been going through the memories and tuts like crazy and I can't find the reason for the problem I seem to be having. None of my brushes will stick. They're there when I'm working on an icon, but when I save it all the changes are there except the brush(es). This goes for the PS default ones, not just the downloaded ones (so I'm assuming file extraction isn't the problem).

Any ideas?

I'm using CS3, btw.

Thanks in advance!