May 17th, 2008


how can i make a halftone that is fit for the picture like this?

how can i make the "watery-like" texture like this?

how can i make a shadow in the edge of this signature?

i am using adobe photoshop cs


quick question

Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS2

I found a tutorial once in the comm that has a picture on the background and in the foreground, there's a white layer with the use of the rounded rectangle tool showing the picture behind.

I'm sorry for not being specific and not providing an example.
  • mcjo

Blurry images

I'm using Photoshop CS, and when I save images they lose their sharpness and "pep". I looked through the memories, and tried adjusting some settings, but I'm not sure what I'm doing, and it didn't appear to help. I also tried saving in different formats, but again, it didn't improve anything. Does anyone have any suggestions?