May 21st, 2008

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CS3 makes me cry

I'm trying to figure out how to make an animation icon in Photoshop CS3. I opened an .avi file to try to take frames from, but it keeps opening with a white blank screen. I'm currently trying to convert the .avi file to a .mov in hopes that I'll have better luck with the program, but will I need to convert every file for use? And if it takes the converted file what then, I've heard using photoshop CS3 for animated icons is a pain in the but as you can't see the animated producted while working on it. Is that true?

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2 curves only tutorials

As i am a huge fan of curves layers i decided to create a couple of icon tutorials made entirely from them. I am in no way an expert so just let me know if something is unclear and i'll try to help you out. Although i use cs2 it is transferable into any program with curve layers.

TEXT HEAVY with a fair few images.

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Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky


I need help finding a coloring for Photoshop that's similar to these:


I'm basically looking for anything that brings out the reds, yellows, and terqouises, or anything that's rather colorful. I'm using rather difficult pictures, so it seems all the coloring I've tried only work on a couple of the images (I even tried making one that happened to look exactly like the one in the middle, but it only worked on like two pictures.) So, even if you guys have any tricks on making the pictures less-difficult, I'll be rather happy, but I'm aiming for a coloring such as one of those.
Get Amanda Tapping on Ellen Icon

Animated Icon Tutorial - PS CS3

Here is my first ever tutorial, How to make an animated icon, like my user icon.
Made with Photoshop CS3
I must warn you the tutorial is image heavy. Again its my first tutorial so feedback is welcome.
Sorry about the layout of it, i had some issues with it.
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Tutorial: Kobato

Hi everybody! It seems I've been out for some time. XD LOL. Well, I bring you an new tutorial! And by the way, I've also revamped my other tutorials, so make sure you check that out as well! =)

We'll be doing this:

Made using PhotoShop CS. Uses only duplicates and fill layers, so this is translatable! =)