May 24th, 2008

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Tweaking Screen Caps For Animation

I use Image Ready and Photoshop CS2.

I use Media Player Classic to cap, ending up with about 20-30 caps that I would like to use.

Sometimes, as you all are aware, the caps need a bit of tweaking. Now, is this something I need to do to every individual cap in PS or is there something I can do in Image Ready to tweak the colour, sharpness etc. in a bulk way?

I'd really prefer to save time (obviously) and would love to know what you guys do.

Thank you.
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icon style

hello :D
so, i want to make an icon with a roundish square of clouds, like so:
but the edges are blurry and soft when I want them sharper. I simply used the rectangular marquee tool and went select-inverse to delete the excess cloud. i tried 'refine edge', but wasn't sure what to do. please help me?
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2 tuts

How to go
from to

+ six steps
+ curves, colour balance, channel mixer
+ selective colouring free ! (might be translatable)
+ made with PSCS2

How to go
from     to

+ seven steps
+ selective colouring, colour balance, curve
+ not translatable
+ made with PSCS2

here @ birdofjune

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Someone over at Icon_aholic recommended me to come here...I'd love to begin making icons, but I have no clue how to start. Could you share your method/program? I have GIMP and paint.

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HELLO everyone~

I really don´t know if this is the right place to ask, but I give it a try
I have a problem with my Photoshop CS2 programme, because
the day before yesterday I opened it and ALL my brushes went away, expet of the
default ones of course...

so i was like oO...well sh*t shappens, so I loaded every single brush (god bless i did not delte them) again, and
guess what happend when I opened PS today again?
right~ all brushes went away, exept of the default ones

what to do? anyone had this?

thank you ^^ in advance~


ps: i thought MAYBE it's because I have too many brushes, but as I loaded all brushes again I let some out
because I knew I never used them before, so it cannot be that...