May 27th, 2008

Animated GIFs in Photoshop CS3

I'm having some trouble using Photoshop CS3 to make animated GIFs. After doing a bit of research I now 1)know it's a common problem, and 2)still don't know how to sort it out.

I'm placing, say, a 0.1 second time for each frame, and it looks fine when i preview it on Photoshop (remembering that with CS3 i no longer need to go over to Image Ready), but when i save the file it becomes very slow. The animations aren't keeping the frame times that i apply to them, and so they don't look very good at all.

When i make my animations i do everything i'm supposed to do, i'm sure of that. I'm wondering if it's a problem with the way i'm saving it? As yet, i only know to save animations using CS3's 'Save to web or device' facility.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance.
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Mod Post: Major Rule Change

Hi, Gang!

After much discussion and frustration with the level of community content, we've decided that the time has come for a major change to the rules of icon_tutorial.

Beginning 1 June 2008, all posts made in icon_tutorial must contain content POSTED IN icon_tutorial.

This means that the request of "cross-post, instead of linking" is now mandatory. If you have created a tutorial in your personal icon journal or community, and you want to post it in icon_tutorial, copy and paste it in its entirety into a post in the community. Posts containing only, "Tutorial [here], at my journal!" will, after June 1, be deleted.

As always, there can be exceptions made to community rules for good enough reasons, but you'll have to contact us first, as outlined in the community's profile.

I recognize that this change will be unpopular in the short-term, but in the longer term it should benefit the community, particularly as we spend 2008 working on long-overdue improvements to the memories and bringing the tags up to speed.

This rule will be added to the profile shortly; other small changes may also follow. So remember: always read the rules before you post!

icon_tutorial has very nearly 25,000 members. We thank you all for making us what we are today, and hope you will continue making this community great into the future.


(Edited to Clarify: No need to panic about posts that already exist. The week-long notice is to serve as a grace period -- this rule will not apply until 1 June, and then only to posts made 1 June and thereafter.)
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I have made my first tutorial for you ^-^ It is just coloring and I hope that is enough for the first time ^^'

// from: // // to: //

- Made with Photoshop 9
- contains everything (color fill, levels, color balance, selective color)

take it here @ my journal
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So I have a question and if anyone could help me that would be amazing, I downloaded a copy of PSP7 from a website like years ago and I noticed whenever I try installing a lot of brushes PSP starts to freeze and then errors and whenever I re-open it I cant use the paint brush for anything! It always errors, so I need to know whats up and how to fix it because I need to be able to make brushes! Grrrr...


finding a tutorial.

I'm so sorry to make one of these posts.
But I looked all this month to find a tutorial and I can't.. so I'm hoping you all can help me.

It was a tutorial on how to make a pattern from scratch. I remember one part she said to make a bunch of swiggly lines and dots and then keep flipping it and flipping it and it became a pattern, but there was another way too.. and I was looking for that one. If you all coul dhelp, I would greatly appreciate it.
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I think this is my first tutorial

I have Photoshop Elements 5.0 which means I can't download Selective Coloring add-ons, so I'm always fiddling with other tutorials in order to achieve similar effects - so, at my journal, you'll find one that goes with the tutorial thewonderlife posted earlier today. She very kindly allowed me to use her cap. :)

This is for those who do not have selective coloring and/or can't use color balance layers or curves.

Original cap from thewonderlife:

Her Selective Coloring finished icon:

My final icon without SC:

Here my journal! Thank you again, thewonderlife!!!