May 28th, 2008

question :)

1. how can i make a border in this picture?

by wohmmyyam

2. how can i make this one?

by xxsoupytwistxx

3. how can i make the broken lines in this icon?

by lookitsnancy

4. how can i make a magical effect in the dress?

by nalazhar
i am using adobe photoshop CS..
thank you.. :]

Coloring help

Hey, first post in here. :) I'm having trouble with coloring for really cyan caps, mainly from HP &OotP. I've tried a lot of different things, variations, lightening, sel color, to name a few, but nothing really works that well. I'm not super adept at making up my own colorings yet, so this is a major challenge for me.
Example of the coloring:
Any ideas?
Help me

Need help

I use photoshop cs 3. I made couple icons back in March of this year. I don't remember how I made them. I by accident delete them off my laptop. Can someone guide me how did I make them? Also, how can I recover .psd that I delete? Sorry I am asking hard questions. :( Thanks.

Here the icons:
Photobucket,Photobucket, Photobucket, Photobucket
bones; bb

Selective Colouring [Resolved]

Okay, so a while back I made something with a colouring I really liked, I saved the .PSD file but I was wondering if there's anyway of getting the actual numbers and stuff I used for it so I can give it to a friend as a tut instead of the .PSD?? I hope you know what I'm trying to say here =/. Thank You! =]

UPDATED Tutorial List!

I've updated my black and white tutorial list and added 6 new tutorials today, that others have made. The new ones are marked with red: These tutorials are translatable to ALL graphic programs.

There are now 89 tutorials in total, in the following categories:

- Different techniques to create good black and white pictures.
- How to colorize an entire black and white picture/icon, or color only parts of it, leaving the rest black and white.
- Various black and white icon tutorials.

Click here to see the entire list (image heavy)
Hyunmin; my everything


So I have a problem. The thing is, whenenver I want to put a text and i create a text box, the font size is 6 but it displays a very very large font like 70. How can I solve this problem?  -----> solved

And can anyone recommend me a site where I can download good fonts? My font sucks.

Please and thank you.