May 29th, 2008


Text Question

I'm new to the icon making world and this community has been a big help. I work with photoshop cs2 and am having trouble with my text. When I go to add text to my screencap or new canvas my text always comes out insanely small, even when in 72 font size. I went through the text related memories and know now to make sure that my res is 72 and everything is as normal as i can make it. 

Now, if I open up a new doc/white canvas that is just default photoshop size then my text is fine. So, I guess my questions are...1) does anyone know what going on with my font? 2) Should I be adding text THEN cropping? and finally, 3) Is it just my screencaps? and is there something better to use?

Thanks for any help in clearing this matter up!

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1. how can i make a pop art like this?

2. how can i make the noise effect in this icon?

by saline_queen

3. how can i change the color of this halftone
into this

by awmp

4. how can i install brushes?

5. how can i make a color red into green? because red can be magenta when you use selective color layer... is it possible if it would be green?

i am using adobe photoshop cs

About Animations

A few questions:

Is there a certain amount of frames that you can use so you don't exceed the limit for LJ?

Does the size of the icon matter? Or does it have to be 100x100?

I have both Animation Shop and ImageReady, is one better then the other so I can fit more frames so I don't exceed the limit?

Thank you in advance!


I am new to this whole icon making thing. I have read through all th FAQ and like 3 years worth of entries over the past 3 weeks and I am looking for a little help.

I love CSI:Las Vegas! I HATE the constant blue/dark coloring they use on the show. Horrid for making anything but black and white icons really. I've tried screening, some suggestions people on my f-list gave me for selective coloring but really no change so I figured I would finally post here and ask the pro's. Some of the best screencaps are in these awful colors. Anyone have an suggestions or know of a link to any tuts that will help bring color into a blue world?

I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0
A few examples of what I am talking about are under the cut.
Thanks in Advance
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