May 30th, 2008

keira chanel

Enhancing Eye Tutorial


I used Photoshop Elements 4.0. I wouldn't say this was super advanced, but you do need to know your basics of photoshop. I think this translates to all programs.

*Someone asked for this. =] I can never get the exact coloring the same. But the steps are always the same. And it of course differs on each picture you use. So play around with it.

We are going to be going from > Image and video hosting by TinyPic to > Image and video hosting by TinyPic .

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POTC - Captain Jack - Pirate


Hi gang,

Just a friendly post to remind you of the new rule going into effect on 1 June, 2008. That's this Sunday:

All posts made in icon_tutorial MUST contain content POSTED IN icon_tutorial.

For the full text of the new rule and decision, as well as clarifying comments, or in order to leave a question or comment about this rule, please go to the original post. Comments on this post are being disabled in order to keep the conversation in one place (and to encourage users to go to the original post).

This means that as soon as I wake up and pick up my laptop Sunday morning, posts consisting of "See this tutorial [here] at my journal!" will be deleted.

Thank you.

Coloring help (:

I need some coloring helpp.
I'd like to know how to get this lovely color like this:

I can see neutrals/exclusions but... I'm not quite getting it.

I used Photoshop CS, I don't mind selective coloring.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. (:
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