June 2nd, 2008

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Help! I can't get text to show up on my images in photoshop 7. It worked fine on the first two banners I made, and then I'm working on my third banner and it just won't show up. It's the top most layer, and I tried different colors, opacities, blending modes, sizes, and fonts. It just stays invisible! Can anybody help me?

Edit: Fixed! Thanks everyone!

how to...

i was just wondering if there is an easy way to make part of an image in an icon overlap a circle/square.
a little like this one ---> but instead of an animal, i want to do the same kinda thing with soemones head. i use psp xi but i do have cs2. any help would be good,thanks. :-)
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Mod Post: tags in the community and what is going on with them

Hi guys,

I've noticed that a lot of people have started tagging their posts, or have started asking people to tag their posts so that it'll be easier for everybody to search for answers. I want to thank you guys so much for this. However, I've temporarily suspended tagging by community members for right now, as I'm trying to organise the tags we have and phase out some old ones.

It's been a little trial as I've tried to re-tag some entries, only to find that new ones have been tagged with a tag I'm trying to phase out! ;) Once I've got all the tags in order, I'll be opening up tagging to everybody in the community. Unfortunately for right now, I'm going to have to restrict it.

I've been trying to tag some new entries as I go. If you think I've missed your entry, please leave a note at the bottom of it for what tag you'd like to have on it. If you guys want a tag that is not currently available, also leave that note at the bottom of your entries.

As a reminder, it is also June, so all content must be posted in the community. Remember that if your post only contains a link to a site outside the community, it will be deleted!

Thanks gang! I appreciate your patience as we try to get some order in place.


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can anyone help me out on how to get this coloring (or very similar coloring!) for supernatural caps?
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v331/CindyCr422/_hellsbelles/june108/oth/spn7.png the icon was made by nightcomes
i would ask her but normally when i ask in the comments i don't get a reply :/
any help is much appreciated please and thank you!


how can i make this one?

how can i make the effect of the text? looks like the the lines follow the edge of the text

i am using adobe photoshop cs

Photoshop Text Problem

Sorry, I hate to be a pest, but I have a problem witht he text in Photoshop CS2.

Yesterday when I tried to use the text, it was set at 12pt, but it was too small- I had to put it at 120pt to get a regular size. 
But, today it's set at 12pt and it's really big, like I'm using 36pt. 

Does anyone know what's wrong?
Thanks in advance


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Whenever I open a video in Photoshop CS3, it loads as an actual video. But whenever I opened a video using Image Ready (which I had bundled with Photoshop 7.0) it would open the video as different frames, and I could select how many frames I wanted etc. I don't have a problem with CS3 opening the files as actual videos, but is there a way of editing the video as you would an image? For example; colors and fonts? And is there any way to make the vidoe into actual image frames like Image Ready did? I don't know if I'm explaining this well, but I'd really appreciate if anyone could help.