June 3rd, 2008

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Mod Post: Tags -- use them!

Hey gang,

I've finally completed the tag list for the comm. It's by no means entirely comprehensive, but I think it contains most of the applicable tags that people will use.

If you are a community member, you can tag any post in this community by clicking on the edit tag button for each post. If you think a post wasn't tagged (or perhaps also needed to be tagged with another tag), feel free to go in and tag it properly. We're hoping that tags will help everybody find things more quickly, and it, along with the memories, should be helpful for people who need to find things in this community.

Please make a note if you think there is a tag I should add, and we'll see if one is needed or if there's a tag that's applicable or if a new one should be created.

Thanks guys!


Tutorial Help

Hi guys!
I am looking for a tutorial that features Kristin Kreuk in a green dress with a blue backround. It was made by  unique-kiwi, whose journal is now deleted and with it, the tutorial.
So, I'm wondering if anyone has the PSD of the tut or could possibly redo the tut? 

Thanks in advance....

I've found a pic, if it helps:

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Getting rid of those darned lines!

I have actually had this question for a long time, and I looked through your archives for a tutorial but I don't think I... saw one. If I skipped it by accident, I'm really, really sorry.

So you know how on some (I dare not say all, ahaha...) scanners, where you scan things with glossy paper and you get those weird multicolor scan line things? There's an example under the LJ Cut. I have a bunch of images with that, and I want to know how to clean it up/remove those nasty lines. I have Photoshop CS2, by the way.

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Any help is very much appreciated!