June 4th, 2008

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stock coloring help


Okay, so recently I've been getting into stock graphics, and I can't seem to find any stock coloring tutorials.

What I want to achieve in my graphics is either/or warm and cool tones, but not reds or cyan.

I'll be grateful with any tutorials that I can get. I use PSCS & PSP8.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out.
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[x] Made in CS3
[x] Not transferable (Curves + Selective Color used)

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[x] This is my first tutorial, so PLEASE tell me what you think of it - is it helpful? Confusing? Completely ridiculous? Con crit is ftw. Yeah.
[x] Feel free to ask questions, especially IN THIS POST
[x] If you do try the tutorial out, let me know how it works out for you here. :)
[x] Comments are love.
[x] Please don't hotlink the images - also, don't use this tutorial to create the EXACT same icon. :(