June 7th, 2008

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I use adobe photoshop n i asked n got this answer, but i dont really get it

I darken it and de-saturate it
then i make it a little lighter and add more saturation (I know then it's like what's the point of the first step but it works)
then I'll add a little red/blue/green.
then I add some fill flash and really thats all I do.

made by starslightup
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I'm not sure why I'm finding my tutorial search so difficult as this question has been brought up several times before, but for some reason I am, so can anybody direct me to a tutorial that explains how to reduce the file size on an animation? Furthermore, I'd like to add a border to it so it will be 100x100 but I didn't make the animation so I don't have each individual frame on hand. Is there any way to do both of these? Thanks in advance for the help!

I use PSP9/Animation Shop, by the way, which makes my search all the more difficult.

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Would you be able to help it? Who prepared this icon? The tutorial you would be able to grant it? Thanks!

Did I ask it if it was not understandable at the first try who did this icon?

I heart underoath and tbs

Help please

Does someone help me?
I am looking for the way of doing these icons that I like very much, but I do not find anything someone can say to me if they can do like these icons or have they algun tutorial? Thank you of before hand

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Animation + Banner

I am recently new to animations so I am a little lost.
I have made and animation and put it inside of a banner I have made, trouble is I have found when it is optimized together that the quality of the image on the banner is shot to hell. Is there any way I can improve this.

There are examples under the cut.
Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this for me.

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