June 11th, 2008

Dutchwaffle Mod

Joker Icon Tutorial

 I was fooling around on Photoshop on making icons, and I ended up on accident making an icon that I felt like I just had to make a tutorial for. Or I would regret it. Always.
This is a pretty quick process, as far as icons go, and the results are worthwhile.

> Level: Easy/Intermediate
> Translatable

Turning  into

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Stock: Key; Castle Keys

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I know this has been asking before numerous times, but I am stumped. How do I save my animation in image ready? I keep getting a pop up that says it doesn't not support .pngs or something???

EDIT I figured it out. I had it set as .png on the optimazation table instead of a .gif

i hate image ready, for the record.
suju ; kibum rainbow

Sunburst, sort of?

I was wondering if there was a quickn'easy way to make a sort-of... sunburst, I suppose? With those lines all emerging from a set point? Such as with this icon:

See how there is all those rainbow lines as the backdrop?

I'd like to do that, but with the lines all coming from a point off to the right (behind the subject of the icon I'm making). I use PS CS2.

Thanks in advance!