June 12th, 2008

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CS3 Extended - importing vid to layers turns it white

I have a question, I followed this very easy to use tutorial by lofi and everything is fine until it actually imports the .avi/mov. file to layers. all i get is a white blank where the pictures should be.

it shows up fine in the file as the movie itself so i don' t know what is wrong. Any ideas?
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i was going to post this in photoshop but it looks dead, so with that, i hope someone can help me. i have a macbook and i have photoshop cs, and it's always worked and is still functioning properly as far as i know but it won't let me insert text into anything? like, the text tool will open but no text shows up. at first i thought it was because it was a color that simply wouldn't work on the background, but after making the text white and the background black and it still not even showing up in the text box to highlight, i assumed i had a bigger problem. i set it to arial at a size 14 just to make sure, and i made a pretty large text box. the cursor doesn't even show up/blink and there's no text to highlight. i tried restarting as well as uninstalling and reinstalling this and that did not help. any suggestions? should i uninstall and restart before reinstalling? i've tried just about everything i can think of, so any help would be appreciated.