June 13th, 2008

b&w #3

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Does anyone know how to get the colouring on this icon? I imagine there is selective colouring involved, but there seems to be something...more. Is there a texture?

I use PSCS3 and I am not even sure who makes it, so I cannot ask the maker, sorry.
Matthew Gray Gubler

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hi there XD

(photos found here - http://studiomark.com/celebrity.html)

i was just wonderng weather anyone new how to get this brown colouring like this.....i've tried curves. selective colouring, photo filters and just can't seem to get such a nice sharp colour look to it (and i have tried sharping the image up as well ><)

sorry to bother you but if anyone knows it would be a really big help ^^

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how can i make the desaturated pic in this icon by lopezlove?

how can i make the lines in the edge of her body in this icon by d3mo_chan?

how can i make the swirling effect of the text in this icon? i'm sorry but i don't know who made it...

thanks i ma using adobe photoshop cs