June 15th, 2008

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Quick question about Photoshop (CS2 specifically)..

Is there any way to edit batches of pictures at once? I have about 40 camera shots that I want resized, each to a certain percentage of its original.. but I hate having to go through and do it to each one.

Anyone know if there's a way to resize them all at once? Thank you!!

Edit: Thank you to everyone who responded, my question has been answered. :)
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a (pretty long) while ago i found a tutorial on here and i used it to make this icon:

i'm not sure if the journal entry was deleted or something, or i just didn't save it. i was wondering if anyone could point me toward it, or even just had that swirl brush in the middle that separates the images? the rest i think is pretty darn easy, i just wanted it for my own records and whatnot :). please and thank you!