June 20th, 2008


i wanna get an icon like this?

how do i actually download the video?
which programs do i download?
whats the steps for making this?

tutorials dont rlly explain this atleast none i saw
so please help im prett desperate
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Does anyone have any idea how to get this coloring?
Similar coloring is okay.
 credit to chochajin
I want to ask what is the meaning 'translatable' or 'non-translatable' ?
I saw it in many tutorials.
Does it mean that the tutorial can or can't translate to other languages?
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Programs for a Mac

So I just got a Macbook and it doesn't come with anything like MS Paint.  I don't really make icons often, pretty much just basic ones for personal use.  My mom used to have Photo Exposion deluxe and I usually used that.  But it doesn't come in a version for Mac.  I tried downloading Paint Shop Pro but I couldn't find a version for Mac, and I looked around on the ste for a while.

Lookng on the Adobe website, it seems that Photoshop Elements is all that I need, and not too expensive.  But I want to make sure it's what I want, and the free trials aren't working right now.  Can anyone who has Element or has experience with it show me some examples of basic icons made with it? I would like to order it soon, so I don't want to wait for the free trial to be available.

Thank you!

Good tutorials for a specific set of caps.

I went back through all my saved tutorials and the memories for the community and I cannot find anything that will make these screencaps I have come alive. I know there are many tutorials for brightening dark images, but these caps are stubborn.

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Anyway, you know how most icons have that clear, clean, and bright icon shine to them? Kind of like my icon for this post? The most simple and easy coloring of all, just to make the caps look like they did when they were on TV originally? Something like that, for these caps. There are posts for every kind of fancy icon making under the sun, and I just need something basic.

I know this is vague and probably terribly common, but I'm just at a dead end. I'll be glad to show more examples if you need it.

Basically, just rec me your favorite basic tuts for sharpening/brightening/cleaning up/etc caps for Photoshop CS2.