June 23rd, 2008



Hey guys.

Really quick question, how would you get icons like the one below that are crazy orange, a little more neutral? Maybe something like the icon I'm currently using? Like I want to get it to a point where I can work with it and do a lot more than just turn her a really ugly yellow. Suggestions?

Icon I'm trying to work with:

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More Resizing Help~

OK. I'm new to PS and I know this is an common problem, but I need help with resizing.
I've looked at some of the other help that you all have given others that have asked, but I can't seem to get mine to work.
When I do constrain proportions, it won't let me have the length and width both be 100. I know you can have smaller or bigger icons than 100x100.
But I want an 100x100 icon and it's not letting me. Can someone please help me out, it's so frustrating.
And if it helps any, I'm using Photoshop CS3. <3

Ekk! PSP X and Textures/Masks?!

Alright, well, I hate to sound pathetic but I am so terribly confused. :[
Okay, well, I have been trying to add textures, and masks, to some of my images for quite some time now.
But, when I try and do so, they end up either; Only showing up on the layers menu to the right, not in the image; Or cover the whole image.

Can someone please help?
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