June 27th, 2008

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Hi,I am trying to change a blonde (Torrie Wilson) into a dark brunette going on black(Kim Kardashian's hair color) But I am having no such luck,I have tried to saturate,point-to point it then colorise and nothing work :( can anyone pleeease help.

I am using Paint Shop Pro 7.

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sweeney & lovett


- WORKS WELL ON: Screencaps. Photographs.
- Made in PS7, not translatable.
- Involves a bunch of fill layers and selective colouring.
- Difficulty: VERY easy. :)
- Downloadable PSD.
 I tried to explain every single step...

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I'd be happy to see your results!
Other examples for this tutorial:

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hi, i use photoshop cs2.
and earlier my text tool was working fine.
but now i when i try to use it no matter what size the text is, or no matter what font. I try to type and nothing comes up, but when i confirm the layer the text is the title of the layer. but there is no text.

is there anything i can do?
hayley → thinking.

My PSCS3 froze on me and I lost some actions...

Stupid Photoshop froze on me, and when I started it back up later some actions I created and didn't save (I need to do that more often :C) disappeared forever.
So I was wondering if you fabulous icon makers out there could use your handy dandy iconning skills and help me out? :]

I would love to be able to recreate the coloring on these icons (all are mine, with no .psd because I made an action instead):
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Any help would be greatt! <3
Thank you guys!
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