June 28th, 2008

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Photoshop Save for Web problem

Yesterday from some moment happened some strange thing with function Save for Web.
Before when i saved each new icons through Save for Web, it saved to the same folder. Like i make icon - click Save for Web - opens folder for these icons - i save it and make new icon. Now when i try to save icon, each time it offers me to save to folder where from i take pix. For example i have two folders Stock bases and Stock icons. Before i always could save to Stock icons without changing the way to folder and now it always offers me to save to Stock bases. And its very annoying cuz folders are not near and it takes a lot of time.
I wonder how can i make it like before? How can i save icons to the same folder without changing the way each time? :(
p.s. sorry for my english.
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Back to basics tute! Using only fill layers (and one semi-optional Colour Balance layer) and textures.
Note; Works best on caps with a lot of cream/white/gray shades.
I'm using this picture of Edward Cullen.
(Includes .psd).

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Feedback is friendly, if you're taking the .psd, just drop me a note and credit, ta.

Large Graphic Tutorials

I'm in need of new designs for blends, wallpapers, headers, etc.

Can anyone provide me with links where there are either tutorials commonly posted, or where someone has compiled a long list of these tutorials already?

Thanks in advance.

Cut/Paste icon help

I'm trying to make an icon with a small image cut and pasted onto a larger one, like the My Little Pony in this icon:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Icon by fromperdition

I've erased the background in the smaller image, but each time I've tried to select the object to move, the white square background of the image is moved as well. How can I eliminate the background/move the object to another image?

I use Photoshop CS3. (I'm a total n00b so I hope I've articulated this well enough.)
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Tutorial: Swirly line textures

OK. So I decided to attmept my hand at making my own swirly textures. I looked at other tutorials but all the ones that I could find were designed with use of a "pen tool". Since I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 it doesn't work for me because as most of you know Elements doesn't have a pen tool. So I played around and this is what I came up with.

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Texture/Effects List

Below are a few tutorials I thought would be nice to post together since these seem to be common effects that people often ask how to do. Also included is how to make your own textures. None of these tutorials are mine, and if the author of any of the tutorials below does not wish to have their tutorial up here than please contact me. Also if you would like any tutorials added then feel free to leave a comment.

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I am having a problem with using selective color with pictures that have yellowish skin tone. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any tutorials that can get rid of the yellow. Thanks in advance.