June 30th, 2008


PS Coloring Tutorial

I rather like the coloring for this, it's very light and spring-like...and yes, I know, it's summer, but it'll work :P

Please leave comments and questions here as then I can make sure I actually see them and thus can answer any questions!

I did this in Photoshop 7; I do not think it will translate to anything but other versions of Photoshop. Uses Selective Coloring, Curves, Color Balance, and Channel Mixer.

From to .

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Coloring(ACK!) help! (:

There are tons of coloring help on making the "blond haired" sort "POP!" but I have yet to see very nice coloring tuts on making dark-haired sorts look vibrant. I am in love with this.

Please help, the image I want to know how to color like is behind the cut (:

I don't know why but I can't make a proper cut. So I posted a link instead.


Help with PS retouch technique

Ok this isn't technically a "retouch" unlike spots and wrinkles..What I'm asking is how to change the subject in the photo completely. Like for example in the following picture below, how do you shift the boy nearer to her and make her hand seem to wrap around his head and hold him close to her?  

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